E-Lawyers Games

- Eventual issues and problems concerning the regulation can be managed and solved by staff only; single players are not allowed to issue any judgments on any of such disputes.
- The eLawyers Games World Cup - FIFA 21 tournament (hereafter also “the tournament”) will take place on the Electronic Arts title “FIFA 21”.
- The tournament will be entirely played online by connecting Playstation 4 or Playstation 5 console to the network.
- Active Playstation Plus service subscription is required.
- The tournament is reserved exclusively to men and women, of any nationality, holding a graduation in Law. No age limits. The player who signs up for the tournament cannot be replaced by third parties in the performance of individual matches, under penalty of exclusion from the tournament.

- PlayStation 4 or Playstation 5

- It is necessary to fill in the registration form at the link https://www.4globalevents.com/elawyersgames/ in order To register and join the Tournament
- The registration fee for the tournament is € 19.99.
- The registration fee can be paid by paypal or credit card following the link https://www.4globalevents.com/elawyersgames/ NO LATER THAN 23/02/21.
- It is necessary to have a FREE Discord account in order to subscribe to the tournament channel.
- Such account is essential to allow players to coordinate with the admins and opponents;
- Telephone and online assistance and support are provided by the organization in case of technical problems or issues.
- Click here https://discord.com/invite/v5dNfUkaDX to create an account Discord.

- The tournament includes single online matches with predefined teams (no FUT).
- The tournament will be divided into two days, 27th and 28th February 2021, time to be determined based on number of players.
- On the first day there will be a turn-based phase in “Swiss mode”.
- The number of shifts will vary according to the number of players.
- At the end of the rounds, a ranking will be drawn up based on the results obtained and the best 8 players will have access to the final phase, which will be held the following day. The best eight teams will face each other in direct elimination matches.

- in case of victory 3 points will be awarded
- in case of a tie, 1 point will be awarded
- in case of defeat 0 points will be awarded

The ways of conducting the tournament will be administered by a staff member (called admin or administrator) and therefore changes might happen during the tournament itself, in case of unforeseen events or if necessary in order to better manage the number of members.
These changes will still be applied to all competitors in the game without compromising in any way the impartiality of the matches and the tournament itself, and will be communicated to all players before being applied.

Friendly match
• TIME DURATION: 6 minutes
• WEATHER: Clear unless otherwise agreed between the players.
• TEAM CHOICE: National and club teams allowed (except women's and special teams)
• GAME MODULES AND POSITIONING: all the modules provided by the game can be used.
• COMMAND SETTINGS: at the player's choice

4.1 OTHER TRAINER SETTINGS - OFF (prohibited).
- Timed finish usable without a trainer only. Hand ball setting OFF Tactical defending setting ON Forbidden Taking Control of the Goalkeeper using the TouchPad (Center Pad Button)
- It is allowed to use the goalkeeper with R3
- It is allowed to use the "Triangle" key to get it out
- Player instructions are allowed
- The use of dynamic tactics is allowed.
- Shot indicator (penalty kick, free kick) at the player's discretion

- Each player has to be present on the Discord channel half an hour before the match for the appeal.
- In this phase, the admin will verify that all subscribers are present and will enable them to join the dedicated channel.
- Those who will not show up on the day of the tournament, even if duly registered, will not be included in the participants' draw and will not be refunded the registration fee.
- Tournament rounds/matches will take place continuously.
- In order to play the match, you have to add the opponent via PSN and invite him via a friendly match.
- It is forbidden to change teams if the admins decide that it is appropriate to repeat the match.
- Player are allowed to change teams for each new match. Once the match is over, the result has to be communicated to the admin. It is recommended to save a screenshot or a photo of the final screen with the names clearly visible, this could be useful in case of dispute on the result.
- Rounds matches and provisional ranking will be displayed for the entire duration of the tournament following a link which will be duly provided. The designated platforms will be chosen to the detriment of the management between BattleFy and Challonge because they are deemed the most suitable to manage this activity.
- The competition will be managed and supervised by an Admin, who will ensure compliance with the rules; all players are still required to know the rules and report any irregularities before the match begins, in fact, appeals made after lost games will not be accepted if regarding obvious irregularities already present from the beginning of the match and not reported. From the moment the contenders agree to play, they assume responsibility for verifying that all playing conditions comply with the regulations and therefore the result, with exceptions that will be evaluated by the event organizer and eventually approved.

- In the event of incorrect behavior such as blasphemy, insults, unsportsmanlike behavior towards the opponent such as voluntary disconnections, prolonged playing “melina” in own half field, the staff reserves the right to intervene with a sanction that can range from a warning to the defeat of the match and up to the final disqualification from the tournament. Clearly, each player is required to promptly report unsportsmanlike behavior and provide the admin with the necessary evidence of incorrectness. No appeals are accepted for cases that occurred during the match with the result acquired, so, please, notify in real time.
- It is advisable, where possible, to record the matches either with the mobile phone or with the share button - video clips to always have evidence of what happens in case of need.

7. UNEXPECTED EVENTS MANAGEMENT - In case of disconnections, the match will be replayed starting from the minute of interruption with the same result or replaying the remaining minutes.
- The defeat will be, instead, given to the player who disconnects more than twice regardless of the result and to the player who disconnects if he is losing the game by more than 2 goals (eg: 3: 0, 4: 1 etc.) regardless of the time. However, the admin has the right to take further measures in the event that he believes the disconnections are caused voluntarily in order to gain an unfair advantage. If the match should be unplayable due to excessive LAG (to be demonstrated), proofs (upload, download, ping and latency indicator on the screen) will still be requested by both players in order to understand who is causing the problem. If there are obvious faults that hinder the correct execution of the match (eg ping above 80, 1 notch latency indicator), the admin could opt for the defeat of the offender at the table.

- In case of connection problems or problems related to the console, such as malfunctions or similar, players should contact the organization before the end of the round and cooperate in order to find a solution. In any case, the Admin is not responsible for any unforeseen events of this kind, if the player fails to play the game by the deadline, the decision on the level overcoming will be unquestionably up to the Admin, who will make his evaluation based on the information collected for the elimination of one or both players.

- Total tournament prize value is € 500.00 (five hundred euros).

Prizes are divided as follows:
- 1st place > Apple Gift Card * value € 350.00
- 2nd place > Apple Gift Card * value € 100.00
- 3rd place > Apple Gift Card * value € 50.00

Additional prizes made available by sponsors or partners may be added.
* if a gamer from a country where there is no official Apple Store wins one of the above mentioned prizes, such prize will be replaced by a different one having the same economic value.